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ABS shrinkage rate  



yesterday I've measured 5 parts printed in ABS in normal settings.
All of them cylindrical and I measured diameter in 5-10 different spots to get statistics.

It looks like shrinkage rate is about -0.38%

This does not align with 2-3% reported in many places in the Internet.
What is going on here?
Does AutoMaker compensate for shrinkage?

2 Answers

It depends on the ABS.

TitanX ABS is supposed to have nearly 0% shrinkage.


AutoMaker does not adjust for shrinkage. We dabbled in this with some scaling of the stepper outputs but it was removed back at the start of the project.  We decided that it was best to allow the user to control this with scaling because it is difficult to predict shrinkage in 3D printed shapes.

TitanX certainly has far less shrinkage than typical ABS filaments. It is easily our favorite material in the office.

For cylinders and holes there is some effect of reduced diameter which effects FDM prints which is particularly noticable in small diameter shapes. When the nozzle is extruding plastic and following a curved path the plastic tends to cut the corner slightly as it is slightly stretched between the nozzle and where it has stuck to the existing layers. The best solution for holes is to undersize the design with the intent to finish the hole using a correctly sized drill, additional perimeter layers may be required. For cylinders it may require scaling during the design phase and testing the result.

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