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JGAurora A5  

Terry Taylor
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OK, I have REALLY gone over to the dark side.  I REALLY wanted a large volume printer and REALLY wanted to get the Robox Pro, but the announced price is WAY out of my range.


I am PRIMARILY a hobbiest user (although I DO create products for customers).


So I saw that GearBest had the JGAurora A5 on sale for USD 375, shipped, last week. Ordered and got it in 7 days.


Yes, it is MANUAL bed leveling, but that was VERY easy. It has a 305mmx305mmx320mm printer area and is a Bowden feed. Found a profile for it for Simplify 3D and it seems to work reasonably well (although, it is SLOW).


For the price, I THINK that I will be happy with it.

Topic starter Posted : 18th February 2018 4:07 pm
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Their model A8S with linear rails and a full enclosure also looks interesting.


Posted : 18th February 2018 7:07 pm
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Yes, linear rails are the way to go @enginwiz The budget CETUS3D gets good precision from these, as does the BCN3R Sigma at the other end of the price point.

Low end printers are getting better like the Anet A3-Al for $245 +taxes, which has an enclosure and a very good build volume.

Posted : 18th February 2018 7:45 pm

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