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working with colido flexible (tpu)

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Hi All,

I've just received a spool of Colido Flexible and installed the associated printing profile. I then started with a purge and printing a small ball. Halfway through, no more material was coming out of the head, probably a combination of the material being too flexible to push through by the extruder and the reel not rolling of smoothly. I noticed that last bit as being very important. With a previous experiment, I reeled of the filament and just lay it in a meters-long line of the floor. That was apparently much easier to pull in for the extruder.

I have two questions:
- how can I adjust the settings to push more material through? My thinking is that that will keep the flow going.
- the shape of the infill has a lot of influence on the directional flexibility of the object? Is there any way to add different infill patterns?


Topic starter Posted : 21st July 2016 6:53 am

Hi @philippeholthuizen . You don't mention in your post, but does your Robox have the V2 extruder? Or have you done the flexible material mod? This is required to print Flex with the Robox otherwise the filament can kink and get jammed inside the extruder.

Posted : 21st July 2016 8:56 am

To be honest, I'm not totally sure I have the V2 extruder. My Robox got repaired and the way they explained it was a bit confusing, apparently the replaced my old extruder with a newer extruder that is compatible with the V2 extruder. See what I mean?! Anyway I can find out what version I have?

I've been printing more in the meantime. I'm printing lots of material (flow rate 150%) very slowly (20mm/s) at a very high temperature (240C). And that goes pretty ok up to what seems a consistent time or amount of material. Then the filament just stops coming out.
If I catch it quick enough, I can pause, do a filament change, and sort of continue. One or two layers will be mucked up.

If anyone has any ideas why this might be happening over and over again, please let me know if you also have some solutions I can try.

Topic starter Posted : 21st July 2016 12:18 pm

The V2 extruder is gray rather than black I think. It comes with machines manufactured after March16. You need to take the side panel off the Robox to see it. There is one hex screw in the bottom under the filament reel and then side just unclips.

Posted : 21st July 2016 1:06 pm

yep, got the gray one! Back to the original questions... -_-

Topic starter Posted : 21st July 2016 1:50 pm
Former USA Robox Support

@philippeholthuizen Can you explain the properties of the material? Usually the best solution for very soft material is to slow the print. I print NinjaFlex at about 60% of the speed of PLA. If the material you are using is softer, you will have to print more slowly.

If the problem is time related, it may be that the material is heating in the heat bridge in the print head and swelling. This is usually associated with PLA. In this case, go slower and lower the print temperature. If you see an increase in time that the material works properly, you have pinpointed the issue. If not, I would look at the material being too soft to print properly in a Bowden tube setup.

Please remember that by using this material your print head and extruder are no longer covered under warranty.

Posted : 21st July 2016 4:01 pm

Hi Ben, thanks for chiming in. The material i'm using is a chalky tpu, sold and endorsed by Robox HK. This stuff:

It is at this moment printing very well on a Replicator 2 I can use temporarily, but ideally, I would like to get it to work reliably on the Robox. So far I'm getting ok results using very high temperatures (240C). The filament comes out boiling, but I actually like the finish this provides and the bubbles overmold, hiding any gaps. All this only with the .8 nozzle, the .3 is not reliable at all.

But I have to print so slow that it becomes very frustrating. I'll keep tweaking the specs and hopefully hit on a magic combination. I'll try to find the lowest temperature, see if that alleviates the 30 mins crap out limit.

How does the flow rate figure into this? Standard is flow rate 1, multiplier .4. How best to experiment with these to increase the material being pushed through?

Topic starter Posted : 22nd July 2016 9:47 am

Are we going to have 'Robox tested' filament in .com version of the web site, too?

I suspect that filament won't void the warranty of the head, then...

Posted : 22nd July 2016 11:56 am
Former USA Robox Support

@philippeholthuizen Robox tested material does not mean it is supported under the warranty. If the filament is not available on a SmartReel, the use of that material will void the warranty. Currently the only materials that are warranty acceptable to my knowledge are CEL PET, ABS, HIPS, PolySupport, PC-Plus, and ColorFabb XT and nGen. No other materials are acceptable if you want to keep your warranty. If you are told otherwise by your local reseller, please make sure you get this in writing and they will have to assist with any warranty issues.

Boiling/overheating the material will reduce its strength and may release dangerous fumes depending on the material.

I think temperature and print speed are the best solutions for this issue, but without testing the material I can't provide better input.

@click No, I do not think this will occur and as above, any material not available on a SmartReel will void the warranty on the head and extruder. The most you may see is bulk reels to allow respooling, but retail sales of filament through CEL will remain on SmartReels. Note that ColorFabb nGen and XT do not require SmartReels to be used and will retain warranty coverage. I believe the same is true for PolySupport and PC-Plus.

Posted : 22nd July 2016 5:35 pm

@bhudson Oh, so I can use the PC-Plus in my 'warranty' printer? I bought it directly from Polymaker. I had relegated it to the other one, in case something happened to the seals.

Posted : 22nd July 2016 6:51 pm
Former USA Robox Support

@saiken To the best of my knowledge PC-Plus is fully supported. I know that the profiles are included in AutoMaker so it should not be a warranty issue.

Posted : 22nd July 2016 7:56 pm
Famed Member Admin

please note that companies claiming "Robox tested" filaments are unlikely to be endorsed by Robox.

For official support please create a support ticket using this link

Posted : 25th July 2016 2:19 pm

@pete but page in question has CEL log, CEL sign, CEL UR... Are you distancing CEL from them? Maybe they were using all those without your consent?

Also, this page does call users to use 'Robox Selected Filaments':


Posted : 25th July 2016 9:23 pm

Hi All. Ive given up on trying to print with this Colido 3D Flexible stuff for now. Extremely frustrating. If any off you have had consistent success with flexible filaments, please let me know the brand and print settings.

As for CEL endorsing filaments, I bought mine from the HK website and branch. The box of filament also included a Bowen tube for the funnel and a piece of paper with instructions. And a material profile downloadable from the hk website. Seems pretty endorsed by me.

Topic starter Posted : 26th July 2016 5:47 am
Former USA Robox Support

@philippeholthuizen The materials on that site are not warranty supported and the use of them will void the warranty on the print head and extruder.

Posted : 26th July 2016 4:13 pm
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