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Robox for sale in Netherlands region  

Bert Haverkamp
Estimable Member

Hello all,

I recently put my Robox in retirement. I bought the printer in April 2015, and it has been working well since. I upgraded it to dual material in February 2016. I occasionally had issues with filament skipping. It might  have bene the bowden tubes that caused the filament to not flow smoothly and cause slightly too much friction. Right now the pneumatic connectors on one tube would need replacement to fully function again.

Even though I have put this Robox Dual to rest, it might still be useful for someone else.  Either for spare parts, or if you are more persistent to solve the filament skipping issue. Please give me a ping or mail me on PM (bert at bertandselena dot net) if you are interested. I live in the south of the Netherlands. But shipping can be discussed.

Thanks everyone for the great community and Cell for the great support.

Kind regards,

Bert Haverkamp

Posted : 27th October 2019 6:15 pm
Lee Bowman
Member Admin



Sorry to hear you are retiring your robox. I will be sad to see you go you have always been polite and a good contributor to this forum. If you wish to stay with robox we would be happy to offer a trade-in on your robox for a new RoboxDual with £200 off our store price? This would come with both single and dual material heads and 2 years warranty from ourselves. If you choose not to take us up on this offer I wish you all the best and thanks for being a Robox user for the last 4 years.




Robox Support

Posted : 29th October 2019 12:40 pm
Bert Haverkamp
Estimable Member

Hi Lee,

Thanks for your kind reply and kind offer. I have to decline it for now. But I inquired a while back about cells plans for a Robox 2. That would be a great moment to step into it again.

The userfriendly design and operation of the Robox is perfect. The service is also excelent. Second to none.

In the meantime. All the best.


Posted : 6th November 2019 8:24 pm

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