Rapid prototyping is fast by definition, having 3D print capability in-house will make you more productive provided the operation of the printer is not a task in itself.

Rapid prototyping or production is more than just print speed.

To compare 3D printers in terms of speed we need to look at setup, operation, print speed; linked to print quality, success rate and, of course, cost because two low cost printers can outperform a single more expensive one. Scalable printing is described in detail in this white paper.

Robox design, from weight of the motion parts to the streamlined 3 click print setup, is focused on quickly achieving each print job at high quality. The design of key parts and the underlying systems show very clear gains in completing jobs faster than any other 3D print system.

The printer comparison link below takes you to a very detailed and sortable list of the best dual extrusion printers on offer.


Tolerance is part of any mechanical design and has an impact on usability of the produced component. 3D printers can produce very accurate motion and positioning of materials.

But reaching an acceptable tolerance does not end there

Materials expand and contract with thermal changes, a controlled build chamber is the best way to reduce the effect on part construction, highly repeatable results allow for design adaptation in a loop which ensures the best possible outcome.

In Robox where there is potential for inaccuracy there are novel devices and tools built-in to compensate for this and tune systems for repeatable accuracy.  As mechanical engineers CEL-UK have ensured that every step in design, construction and usage of Robox ensures the best possible accuracy while retaining the core need for a machine which is easy to procure, maintain and operate.


Modular design means that the hardest working parts can be swapped out in seconds without tools.

Designed for business

Smart monitoring appeared in Robox machines first and provide a software alerts and automated systems that prevent hardware damage.

Our motion frame design is the same as large format CNC because it is extremely rigid to ensure relationships between axes are maintained. Speed is a priority so a low weight of motion parts is critical to allow the best acceleration potential. Stationary and slow moving parts are precisely machined stainless steel. Electronics are designed specifically for our system right down to custom stepper motors, this ensures there is no load problems or incompatibility.

Backing this up is a best in class warranty on all parts including consumables and our excellent UK based customer service.


Material usage, success rate, time to set up, time to print, effect on productivity, resource availability.

Additive Manufacturing is more efficient in terms of material usage than traditional subtractive methods such as CNC machining.

AM also allows shapes and structures which are impossible using other methods. As a technology it is easy to access and low cost machines can achieve complex shapes accurately without a labour cost as the machinery runs through program without supervision.

Robox systems have won awards for ease of use and our dual extrusion systems save between 10 and 30% material with every job.

Cost Effective

3D printers have dropped in price significantly since a patent expired in 2009. Many remain significantly over priced for the value offered.

Finding the right balance between expensive and cheap is about trust

At the bottom end there are hundreds of unsupported copies of copies of the basic frame and extrusion systems, many of these can produce nice looking models but will not be capable of printing in materials with desirable mechanical or chemical properties. Mid-high cost printers are a big jump from the bottom end in terms of pre-configured setup, support and per-print success. The high cost printers are being challenged by this mid range.

RoboxDual will outperform any printer even 10 times the price. For a larger printer with the same capabilities RoboxPRO is feature rich and has a very large build capacity.


We made 3D printing
faster, more reliable and easier. review by Ali Jennings Techradar Review 2019

Dual extrusion, PEI build platform, wireless, scalable these are all desirable 3D printer features and are all part of the formidable RoboxPro. Aimed at the commercial market, this large scale FFF printer balances quality, ease of use and value like no other.

Thomas Sanladerer, ALL3DP @toms3dp

The CEL Robox is, by far, the 3D printer with the greatest amount of innovative new features out right now.

Nicolae Mihalache, France

Thank you again for your fantastic help during the last couple of weeks! On top of Robox being a great machine, your support is a serious reason for which I will wholeheartedly recommend Robox to anyone interested in 3D printing!
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Patrik Hasler, Switzerland

It was one of the best customer support experiences that I’ve ever had. (Unfortunately) that isn’t something you can expect in these days. So thank you very much and keep up the good work.

M.J. Wallner, Germany

I work in the last 6 years with a Dimension Elite 3D Printer for € 42.000,00 investment. This printer can’t beat the quality of your Robox printer in printing quality and tolerances.

Jason King, UK

Thank you for fast fix and turn around, very impressed with service without a doubt 5 star.

John Revill, Australia

I must say your service is excellent. The Robox is a great printer but combined with your service is awesome.

Steven Fagg, UK

I am very impressed with this 3D printer and its simplicity to use. This is my first 3D printer and have found it incredibly easy to use and set up. Thanks for that!

Matthew Hajicek, US

I had fun showing my prints to the Stratasys rep. He was like “You made that on a $1500 printer?!” His demo prints from a $35000 printer looked crude by comparison.

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Our Verdict: Dual extrusion, PEI build platform, wireless, scalable these are all desirable 3D printer features and are all part of the formidable RoboxPro. Aimed at the commercial market, this large scale FFF printer balances quality, ease of use and value like no other.

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