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Changes for Version 4.01.00

  • Rebuild of Mote and Pro interfaces providing a more responsive experience
  • Improvements to the GCodeviewer, including better scroll bars and a line by line scrollthrough and animation
  • Fix, use of multiple printers on Root causing firmware errors
  • Fix, print correctly starts after slicing when quickly moving through preview and settings then selecting print
  • Fix, projects not saved after closing AutoMaker. Project state is now saved at more regular intervals
  • Fix, clear filament clear filament eject failed dialog once user has selected an option
  • Fix, printing on a single extruder machine with a dual head correctly assigns printing to one nozzle when slicing with Cura 4

GIF: Animated progression of whole layers or tool path.

GIF: Animated progression of whole layers or tool path (AutoMaker PRO).