With the start of UEFA EURO 2016 France this week we thought that we could take the opportunity to introduce 3D printing to a wider audience by having some fun with it. We’ve modified an off-the-self Foosball table and remodelled some of the players. Our talented in house digital artist, Martin Moore, better known buy our customer for his expertise in fixing all thing Robox, has model 4 of the key players in the England team and printed them in their new England kit. We have also modelled a generic head to replace all the other players on the table. For the opposing team there was really only one choice, we have printed Germany’s kit and a generic head so we could recreate that famous game.

CEL Robox - Foosball player - AllIf you want to model or paint some heads to create the nationality of your own team we can have a international game when you come and see us at a trade show!

We uploaded all the 3D models to MyMiniFactory which you can download here.

CEL Robox - Foosball player - All plated


From Left to right; Jamie Vardy, Wayne Rooney, Jack Wilshere, Daniel Sturridge, Generic Head

The parts are designed to printed separately so the figure can be used to support any team and their colours. But with robox we printed many of the parts in a single assembly with only the head left off using our multi-material system.

We bought our table from Amazon UK and all the parts fit perfectly to the original hardware. Here’s a link to the table. (Gamesson Rome II Free Standing Football Table – Black/Blue, 4-Feet)


A press release document will be available on this page https://cel-uk.com/media/