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The most innovative 3D printers. Rated best buy for 2020.

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Tools for work, home and garden.

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CNC, Manufacturing and Engineering Services.

  • Research and Development in Additive, Motion Systems and Automation.
  • Automated Wiring, Composites and Embedded Sensors.
  • Manufacturing automation using a high accuracy 5-Axis platform.
  • Subcontracting services for R&D grants.
  • Innovation is standard for us.
  • Your process can be automated, ask us how.
  • Consultancy or project management from specialist devices to mass production.
  • Assistance at any stage of development to find the best path to product release.
  • CAD services for product development, jigs and fixtures and prototyping.
  • Component sourcing and BOM optimisation (Bill Of Materials).
  • Assembly and testing.
  • Managed QC (quality control) for parts and complete assemblies.
  • High level demonstrator production.
  • CNC machining, injection moulding.
  • Prototyping services.
  • Manufacturing to high standards in large or small quantities.

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Learn about the unique innovations which make Robox printers the best choice.

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The Robox community is a great place for advice and creativity with over 7000 members.

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Customisable Retro Arcade Machines

A great gift for the whole family. Build your own from a kit or order it fully assembled to your specification.

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  • CNC, Manufacturing and Engineering Services.
  • Electronics and PCB design and production.
  • Precision CNC machining in metal and specialist plastics.
  • CNC routing timber and composite sheet material. eg Plywood, DiBond
  • Custom furniture and and interior design for home and vehicle.
  • Injection moulding.
  • Large and small quantities and design engineering services at any level.

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The most innovative 3D printers. Rated best buy for 2020.
“RoboxPRO Best for commercial printing”
“RoboxDual Best for Schools and business”

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  • Professional and DIY power tools for work, home and garden.
  • The original workshop in a box and still the best POWER8workshop.
  • Highly rated 14.4V tool range, a huge selection at a great price.
  • Powerful 18V tools ready for the tough jobs.

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CEL-UK has defined the state of the art with the most innovative features to be added since the first 3D printer concept was created.

Dual Extrusion printers are far more flexible than single material printers, compare the best on this page.

A battery is often the most expensive part of a tool or device, this page will show you how to care for and compare common battery technology.

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Customisable and bespoke products made here in Portishead.

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3D printers, parts and materials as well as add-on parts, upgrades and services.

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Power tools such as POWER8workshop and our popular 14.4V range. Accessories and consumables.


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