144 Tradesman Pack - 6 tools, 3 batteries - 144-BD3

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    Quick Overview

    Tradesman pack from the 14.4V Li-Ion range, 6 robust tools supplied in a heavy duty tool bag, with 3x 1500mAh batteries plus various accessories.


    144 Tradesman Pack - 6 tools, 3 batteries - 144-BD3

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    The 144DR Compact Drill/Driver has enough torque to do jobs that would normally need a much bigger drill, switch to high speed for smaller drill bits and fast cutting. It looks and feels small but this drill is perfect for most drilling requirements.

    With an LED worklight for dark corners and variable trigger for smooth control and easy alignment. 10mm capacity easy lock keyless chuck with Electronic brake. Comfortable grip - balanced and ergonomic for all day use.

    The 144ID Impact Driver provides 90Nm of torque and is much more efficient at driving/removing screws and threaded fixings than a rotary drill. Because of this you will see greatly increased battery performance when driving screws and they will go in faster and tighter than you can believe. The 144ID Impact Driver also has a variable trigger and electric brake. A light illuminates where you are working.

    Why choose an Impact driver over a drill?
    * Impact drivers create much higher torque than a drill with the same body weight.
    * The battery will last longer than when using a drill doing the same work.
    * The Impact Driver can remove cross-threaded and damaged screw heads with ease, whereas a drill cannot.
    * Less torque is transmitted to the user - you will not have to hold the Impact Driver so tight.
    * The Impact Driver has extremely high power to weight ratio.
    * 2 stage driving system - when the torque required is low the action is fast; when more effort is needed the Impact Driver uses the rotary hammer.

    The 144MT Cordless Multi-tool is the master of difficult jobs. With a weight of 1.0kg and ergonomic features the 144MT Multi-tool is so versatile. It can easily cut through most materials including metal pipes and tiles; sand wood, concrete and masonry; remove tiling grout, vinyl floor and glued down carpet; repair old windows and sealant around sinks/baths.

    The 144MT Multi-tool oscillates at 14500/min to ensure high speed cutting and has an oscillation angle of 2.8 degrees. Reach those tight corners that were difficult before.

    CEL OIS blades and attachments are readily available to purchase in Accessory Pack form, or singular. A triple pack of AC11 End Cut metal blades are also included with this kit.

    Drill larger holes twice as fast with the 144HD SDS Plus Hammer Drill. Pounding the drill bit in and out while it's spinning and using a piston mechanism instead of a special clutch the SDS Plus can produce a much more powerful hammer blow than a traditional Hammer Drill.

    The 144HD SDS Plus Hammer Drill requires special SDS bits which can lock into the rotary hammer and continue to spin while smashing away. With an appropriate SDS PLUS attachment fitted in the chuck this tool is intended for screwing and unscrewing, drilling into wood, metal and plastic as well as masonry work up to the ability of the fitted attachment and within the specification of the tool.

    The 144CS Circular Saw has a high power 775 series motor powers the 110mm TCT blade through a durable all-metal gearbox. There is on product storage for the spindle key. The blade guard has a clear polycarbonate front so you can see exactly where the blade is, making your cut more accurate. 20mm bore and 3 - 38mm cutting depth.

    The 144JS Jigsaw has been designed to be ergonomic and powerful; with variable speed it is easy to cut accurately to your marking. Tilting base for Bevel cutting up to 30 degrees. Rolling Blade support with 3 stage pendulum action. On product storage for the Hex Key.

    Quick release blade system, compatible with U (Universal) and T (Standard Bayonet) type blades.

    Supplied with a heavy duty canvas bag, 3x 144BP15 14.4V 1500mAh Li-Ion batteries and a 1 hour charger. The bag ensures you can keep everything in one place, all ready for your next job. With this comprehensive set of tools you will be able to complete most DIY jobs with ease.

    Compatible with all of the the CEL 144 14.4V Li-Ion range

    CEL144ID Impact Driver
    Product Code 144ID
    CEL category 144
    Weight in use (kg) 1.15
    Weight for shipping (kg) 0.9
    Product Name 144ID Impact Driver
    Functions/Common uses With the appropriate attachment:
    Driving or removing screws and fixings
    Drilling holes
    Motor Type Hongyang #550
    Rated Voltage 14.4V
    Maximum Torque 90Nm
    Running Gear Metal & Impact
    Impact/Hammer Rate 0-3300IPM
    No Load Speed 0-2400RPM
    Torque Settings N/A
    Chuck Type Capacity 1/4" Hex
    Drilling Capacity: Steel: 10mm (3/8"); Wood: 13mm (1/2"); Masonry: 10mm (3/8")
    Feature Powerful
    Whats in the Box? 144ID Impact Driver
    CEL144DR 2 Speed Drill/Driver
    Product Code 144DR
    CEL category 144
    Weight in use (kg) 1.15
    Weight for shipping (kg) 0.9
    Product Name 144DR 2 Speed Drill/Driver
    Functions/Common uses High or low speed drilling
    Driving or removing screws
    Making holes to allow the use of a jigsaw or other tool to gain access
    Winding or twisting
    Motor Type Jinmazhi #725
    Rated Voltage 14.4V
    Maximum Torque 15Nm
    Running Gear 2 Speed
    Impact/Hammer Rate N/A
    No Load Speed Low 0 - 350RPM High 0-1000RPM
    Torque Settings 19+1
    Chuck Type Capacity 3 Jaw 10mm (3/8")
    Drilling Capacity: Steel: 13mm (1/2"); Wood: 28mm (1.1"); Masonry: 10mm (3/8")
    Feature Compact
    Whats in the Box? 144DR 2 Speed Drill/Driver
    6x Drill bits: 1.5, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm
    PZ1, PZ2
    PH1, PH2
    2x VSL 6
    CEL144MT Multi-tool
    Product Code 144MT
    CEL category 144
    Weight in use (kg) 1.02
    Weight for shipping (kg) 0.85
    Product Name 144MT Multi-tool
    Functions/Common uses Cutting

        Electrical outlets
        Hinges & locks
        Fixing Door lengths

    Flush Cutting

        Copper pipe
        PVC pipe
        Skirting boards
        Wood dowels
        Wall plugs


        New Door Casing
        A Floor Vent

    Sanding or Grinding

        Furniture, In confined spaces


        Broken floor tiles
        Glued down carpets
        Tile grout
        Old caulk
        Vinyl flooring


        Sealant around showers
        sinks and bathtubs
        Old windows
    Motor Type Hongyang #550
    Rated Voltage 14.4V
    Running Gear Metal
    No Load Speed 14500RPM
    Stroke/Oscillation 2.8°
    Accessory Fitting CEL OIS
    Feature Infinite Uses
    Whats in the Box? 144MT Multi-tool
    CEL144HD Hammer Drill SDS Plus
    Product Code 144HD
    CEL category 144
    Weight in use (kg) 1.15
    Weight for shipping (kg) 0.9
    Product Name 144HD Hammer Drill SDS Plus
    Functions/Common uses When using the appropriate attachment you can:

    Drill into masonry, wood & metal
    Motor Type Hongyang #550
    Rated Voltage 14.4V
    Maximum Torque 15Nm
    Running Gear Metal & Hammer
    Impact/Hammer Rate 0-4800BPM @ 1.0J
    No Load Speed 0-850RPM
    Torque Settings N/A
    Chuck Type Capacity SDS Plus
    Drilling Capacity: Steel: 13mm (1/2"); Wood: 28mm (1.1"); Masonry: 13mm (1/2")
    Feature Hammer Drill or Drill
    Whats in the Box?

    144HD Hammer Drill SDS Plus
    3x SDS bits: 5, 6, 8 (40mm depth)
    Slotted driver bits with SDS fitting: 5.5, PZ1, PZ2, PH2

    CEL144JS Jigsaw
    Product Code 144JS
    CEL category 144
    Weight in use (kg) 1.52
    Weight for shipping (kg) 1.4
    Product Name 144JS Jigsaw
    Functions/Common uses Using the appropriate blade you can:

    Install countertops
    Cut stencils
    Add decorative pattern to wooden furniture
    Cut curves in metal pipework
    Cut ceramic tile
    Lay carpet
    Motor Type Hongyang #550
    Rated Voltage 14.4V
    Gearbox/Running Gear Metal
    No Load Speed 0-2200RPM
    Cut/Stroke/Oscillation 19mm (3/4")
    Accessory Fitting U (Universal) or T (Standard Bayonet)
    Cutting Capacity: 3 Stage Pendulum Action
    Steel: 13mm (1/2"); Wood: 40mm (1 1/2")
    Whats in the Box? 144JS Jig Saw
    1 Wood Blade
    1 Metal Blade
    Guide Rail
    CEL144CS Circular Saw
    Product Code 144CS
    CEL category 144
    Weight in use (kg) 1.7
    Weight for shipping (kg) 1.6
    Product Name 144CS Circular Saw
    Functions/Common uses General woodworking
    Ripping planks
    Creating joints
    Motor Type Hongyang #775
    Rated Voltage 14.4V
    Gearbox/Running Gear Metal
    No Load Speed 2000RPM
    Cut/Stroke/Oscillation 38mm (1 1/2")
    Accessory Fitting 110mm, 20mm bore
    Cutting Capacity: Steel: N/A; Wood: 38mm (1 1/2")
    Whats in the Box? 144CS Circular Saw
    110mm Blade
    Hex Key
    Guide Rail

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